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Aug 01, 2012

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Jun 17, 2012

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Find your perfect match by using our powerful matching features.

Use the Quick Search to find other members that are looking for someone just like you. Or use our Advanced Search to pick and choose from many different matching options. Once you've created the perfect search, save it so you can use the same search again with ease.

Still finding too many matches? Look for someone nearby. Narrow your search down to those living around your own zip code (not available in all areas).

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Full Featured Chat

Full featured chat allows you to have real-time chat with other members. Multiple chat rooms are available for different chat topics. Meet new friends! Chat is a great way to find new friends or partners, for fun, romance, dating and long term relationships. Meeting and socializing with people online is both fun and entertaining.

Private chat sessions are also available for those private, intimate conversations with close friends.

Internal Mail Messaging

A fully integrated messaging system is available for you to email other members anonymously and safely. By using our messaging system, you won't have to reveal your real e-mail address or other personal information.

You can also create custom mail templates if you find yourself sending the same message again and again. When creating a templates you can make use of "template variables" for you to personalize your messages. Automatically include your profile data with any message that you send.

Send a Wink

See someone you're interested in but don't want to email? Send them a wink to let them know.

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Build your own private friends list to keep track of their usernames, and to share photos and events. Use it for your main contact list!

If you see someone you're interested in put them on your Hot People list and build your own Little Black Book.

Banned People

Tired of being bothered by the same losers over and over? Put them on your banned list and you become invisible to them.

Profile Views and Winks List

Want to see who's checking you out? Look at the Views list to see who has visited your profile. And when you receive a Wink, check out the Winks List to see who's interested in you!

Photo Gallery

Upload your photos and keep them private for you and your friends, or allow them to be viewed by everyone. Advanced gallery features include multiple album management and automatic thumbnails generation.

Built in photo editing allows you to crop or resize your photos after uploading.

Event Calendar

We offer a built in calendar so you can keep track of your events. Example track your own dates, such as birthdays or anniversaries.